Pros and Cons of Three Types of Bath Remodel

One day bath vs. a Bath Update vs. a Full Bath Remodel

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you have a lot of alternatives to choose from that will make a statement. There’s a lot to select from, from simply replacing one component to fully rearranging floor plans or even creating new space.

Your bathroom remodeling project will most likely fall into one of three categories, depending on your budget and goals for the new space: one-day bath, bathroom update, or entirely custom bathroom redesign. Learn the differences between them, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each refurbishment level.

One-Day Bath Makeover

If your bathroom’s major problem is an old, broken, or even dangerous tub or shower, you’ll be relieved to learn that a shower or tub replacement can be done swiftly and easily. A one-day bath project replaces standard tubs and tiles with a custom-sized bath or shower system. The tub or shower liner may be customized with a variety of tile styles and accessories, and it’s manufactured specifically for each room to ensure a flawless fit.

With a one-day bath, the timeframe is unsurpassed. In only one day, an expert technician can remove your old tub or shower and install a new stunning wet room. Traditional tubs and showers, on the other hand, sometimes necessitate a tile surround, a separate tub or shower basin, numerous craftsmen, and plumbing improvements.

A one-day bath also retains the flexibility of transforming a bathtub to a shower and vice versa. This is due to the fact that the custom-made acrylic will not simply fit over your existing moist region. The installers will remove the old materials and prepare your space for the new style you’ve selected. And, once installed, your one-day bath is simple to maintain, ensuring that it remains gorgeous for many years.

The one-day bath has only one disadvantage: substantial alterations, such as rearranging or adding space, are not conceivable. A full bespoke remodel is the service for you if you want it done.

Bathroom Renovation 

Maybe you’re in need of a bathroom makeover but don’t want to invest the time and money in a complete renovation. You can replace a few items around the bathroom with a bathroom makeover without blowing your budget and being without a bathroom for months.

A new vanity, countertops, fixtures, and lighting features, for example, can completely remodel many bathrooms. And, in most cases, these modifications do not entail tearing up the entire bathroom or relocating any plumbing. As a result, bathroom renovations might take anywhere from a few days to many weeks. In fact, a one-day bath is ideal for a bathroom renovation because it shortens the project timetable and lowers the cost of a new wet area.

While a bathroom redesign will make your space feel refreshed and new, there are still some things you won’t be able to do. You can’t move pipes or do substantial electrical work in a week, for example. Additionally, partial bathroom remodels may limit your options for custom-colored vanities and tiled surrounds. Most bathroom remodeling contractors will have a pre-determined list of options for you to choose from in order to keep the cost low and the timetable short.

A total bathroom redesign is what you need if you want a whole new bathroom from the floor tile to the ceiling lighting. Teams of master tradesmen, such as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, will be involved in this type of project. Permits are also required to ensure that all work is up to code. While researching your bathroom remodeling contractor is crucial regardless of the scale of work, it is even more so with a full bathroom redesign.

Of course, if you’re doing a whole bathroom renovation, your timetable will be longer and your money will be more. However, with this type of redesign, you have complete control over every aspect of the bathroom, from unique shower tile surrounds to custom vanities and any other bathroom fixture you can imagine. You can also select to rearrange the floor design to make more room.