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Services We Offer in Leicester

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If you get more than one quote on your roofing project, not only will you save money, but you'll also ensure you choose the right roofing service. It's true. As part of getting several estimates, you also get expert assessments of your roof's condition and the most effective way to resolve your roof problem. Compare price estimates and solutions. You can then select the best contractor for the job knowing that you have received all the information you need.

Getting multiple quotes ensures that you won’t overpay, but you will also know if your roof just needs repairs or if it really does need replacing.

Selecting Your Leicester, Massachusetts Roofing Company

Homeowners are often swayed by price to choose a contractor. When it comes to services, you get what you pay for. A roofing company that offers you a low price but no list of satisfied customers will probably provide a substandard installation.

Let us do the legwork for you and get you multiple contractors that will give you an estimate for the work to be done no matter which type of roof you have or the size of the project.

Multiple quotes gives you peace of mind that you are not paying too much, you are getting the exact service you need, not replacing a roof that doesn’t need replacing, and that you are getting a contractor that you can work well with. Trusting your contractor to do the job right the first time means less stress and worry.

When evaluating bids from contractors, here are some considerations, other than price, that should factor into your decision:

  • Look for a contractor that has been in business for years in your area and operates from a business location
  • Check for permits, insurance and proper licensing
  • Follow up with references and check online reviews
  • Ask about guarantees and warranties for your project in case something goes wrong
  • Is the contractor an authorized installer for your roof type?
  • Will every aspect of your agreement be in writing?

Roofing Repair

Looking around the Worcester region, you’ll notice many different types of roofs, some in better shape than others. Fortunately, there’s professional help available for roofs that need repair or a total roof replacement.

Getting several quotes is as easy as a phone call away. Just call us and we’ll find local contractors who not only will do a great job for you, but are ready and able to complete your project expeditiously. The days of chasing contractors who don’t call back or are too busy to fit you into their schedule are over.

Is your roof in need of some TLC? Regardless of the type of roof system on your structure, our expert roofing repair crews are prepared to handle your service call. They have the knowledge and experience to make the necessary repairs. Our network contractors have experience with a variety of roofing systems, including tile, wood shake and shingle, metal, and asphalt shingle, from low-slope and flat roofs to steep-slope roofs.

Professional craftspeople we connect you with have undergone extensive training to safely examine the problem and correct flaws in your roof investment. Roof leaks may be accessed, located, and fixed promptly and expertly by trained professional workers.

Leicester Emergency Roof Repair Services

fallen trees on house after tornado

Our roofer network provides emergency repair services to give you a “right now” answer to your problem. Roofing repairs can save you thousands of dollars while also prolonging the life of your existing roof.

In addition, emergency repair installers in the network require extensive training. They arrive with the knowledge and skills to locate the leak and repair it.

The weather is impossible to forecast. One big storm is all it takes for your roof to be damaged and in need of repair. Hailstorms, lightning strikes, ice storms, tornadoes, and high winds can all cause significant roof damage. Don’t put off getting roofing quotes for storm damage repair until the damage has worsened.

Roof Replacement and Removal in Leicester

When is it necessary to remove or tear-off an existing residential roof? The solution is simple — or at least it should be. The need to remove any part of the roofing system that is wet below the roof surface, the advanced age of the existing roof, the build-up of too many roofing layers, and when it is necessary to remove any part of the roofing system that is wet below the roof surface are all common reasons for a roof tear-off. Other reasons for removing a roof, such as local construction laws or the homeowner’s own preferences, do occur on occasion, although they are far less common.

Almost every roofing system manufacturer states explicitly that their product should not be put over a wet roofing substrate. It’s bad construction practice to put a layover roof on top of a wet roof. Any roof’s structural integrity is jeopardized by leaving wet building components in place. There are numerous methods for determining whether a roof has damp spots. Thermal imaging is a high-tech and more expensive means of locating damp spots, yet it is quite successful. Taking core samples in wet areas is a quick, easy, and low-cost approach to determine if a roof is wet, damp, or dry beneath the surface.

Working with a professional roofing contractor is the best approach for homeowners to determine whether their roof requires a partial or total tear-off. This is another reason why multiple quotes benefit you as a consumer. You will know without a doubt that a partial or total tear off is necessary.

Roofing Installation for Massachusetts Homes and Buildings

Our network of professional Leicester roofing contractors understands the anxiety that comes with investing in a new roof, whether for a new construction or to replace a damaged residential roof. A new roof improves the structural integrity of your property and helps you avoid costly repairs in the future by protecting your home or building from water damage. A sound roofing system adds value to your property and peace of mind to its occupants.


Exactly what do roofers do? What Do Roofing Contractors Do? Roofers can examine, repair, or build roofs in both business and residential contexts. A roofer must be able to conduct precise, sometimes difficult work while still working safely.

In roofing terms, what is flashing?

What is the purpose of roof flashing? Roof flashing is a thin metal material installed by roofers to deflect water away from specific portions of your roof (walls, chimneys, and roof valleys). It’s an important roofing material that should be included on every roof.

More Information About Leicester

Leicester is a town in Worcester County, Massachusetts. The population was 11,087 at the 2020 United States Census..

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