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Considering a Cedar or Wood Roof?

Wood shingle roofs can provide twice the insulation and energy efficiency of traditional asphalt shingles. This perk may help you save money on your monthly energy expenses. Furthermore, wood shingles, which are often constructed of cedar, provide the natural look that many La Porte homeowners desire. Wood shingles, which come in a variety of colors ranging from red to golden brown, give your Dallas-area home a natural aesthetic and beauty that no other roofing material, including asphalt roofing, can equal.

What is a wood shingle roof?

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Wood shake shingles are a simple wooden shingle built from bolts of split logs. Shakes have long been utilized for roofing and siding in many parts of the world. Higher-grade (tighter grain) wood shake roofing are utilized for roofing, whereas lower-grade shakes are used for siding. Shakes give weather protection and a rustic appearance in any setting, however they require more upkeep than some other more sophisticated weatherproofing solutions.

Shake shingles, what’s the difference? Although shingles are sawn rather than hand split, the term shake is sometimes used as a colloquialism for any wood shingles. The term “shake” originally referred to the board on which the shingle was affixed, not the shingle itself. Shag shingles are made up of split timber shingles.

Modern sawn and split timber shingles are still created, although they are not the same as the old ones. Modern commercially manufactured shakes are typically thicker than their hand split forerunners and are typically left “undressed” with a rough, unpolished grain surface. Although the rough-surface shake is seen to be more rustic and antique, it is actually a modern architectural evolution.

Modern shingles are available in pre-cut decorative designs, known as fancy-cut shingles, and are pre-primed for later painting. Rectangular shingles’ sides can be re-squared and re-butted, which means the sides have been redone so that the butt is square to the sides. As a result, they are more consistent and are installed more cleanly.

Shingles are less durable than shakes, especially in wet locations; shakes are polished with a drawknife or similar tool, which provides a flat surface that resists water penetration, slowing microbial softening of wood. Furthermore, rather than sawing, the method of splitting shakes ensures that only straight-grained pieces (which are significantly stronger and less likely to deform) are employed.

Types of Wood Shingle Roofs in La Porte

cedar shingles on a section of roof

Shakes are commonly constructed in North America from Western Red Cedar, which is becoming increasingly difficult to come by; presently, a large amount of cedar shakes on the market is imported from Canada and Alaska. Due to the rot-resistant characteristics of the wood, California redwood and white cedars were formerly utilized, but the trees are now scarce and the wood is no longer available.

Shakes differ from other forms of wood shingles in that they are split on all sides, whereas most shingles are sawn on all sides. Shakes are typically constructed in a 24-inch diameter in North America. In North America, wooden shingles come in three different lengths: 16-, 18-, and 24-inch.


As a roofing material, a wood shingle roof offers a number of benefits, including:

Resistance to the elements Water, ultraviolet radiation, insects, and moss are all inherently resistant to wood shingles. Treatments can improve the shingles’ resistance to fire, fungi, and insects.

Durability Under varying weather conditions, cedar wood shingles maintain their shape, flatness, and straightness without considerable shrinkage.

Flexibility Wood shingles can be stained, oiled, or painted to give them a variety of looks.

Stability When correctly installed, wood shingles, particularly cedar shingles, provide a sturdy roofing choice that improves overall roof strength.

Insulating Properties Your home will be well insulated thanks to the low-density material.

Looks Fantastic Naturally beautiful wood shingles can give a property a variety of looks, from rustic to elegant, depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

Environmental friendliness is a term used to describe something that is friendly to the environment. Wood is a naturally occurring substance that does not pollute the environment.


Fire Resistance Wood roof shingles are not particularly resistant to fire. They have a higher risk of catching fire than other roofing materials. As a result, wood roofs may be prohibited in certain fire-prone areas. Some homeowners’ insurance providers may raise prices or refuse to cover wood roofs altogether. Modern spray-on fire retardants and pressure treatments, on the other hand, can help make wood more fire resistant and meet specific fire requirements if properly maintained.

Insects The sort of wood used to produce the shingles may attract insects. Wood shingles and shakes provide excellent habitat for insects that prefer to live in wood. Wasps are a common bug that makes its homes in wood roofs. They are noted for pulverizing wood and creating nests. This adds to the difficulty, particularly when it comes to ripping off the roof system. If you ever need to remove this type of roof, make sure you have plenty of wasp spray on hand and use a roofing company experienced in the task.

Maintenance Roofs made of wood require more upkeep than roofs made of asphalt shingles. If you have a sprayed-on fire retardant, you’ll need to maintain it on a regular basis to keep it up to code. This normally entails reapplying the chemicals every two years or so. It’s also a good idea to keep the insect population low. This means wasp nests will most likely need to be removed or wasps will need to be sprayed.

Rotting When wood roofs get wet, they absorb water. The water expands the natural wood shingles, making them extremely tight. This is what prevents water from entering your house. One issue that arises as a result of this is when the sun dries off the outer surface of the wood shakes and wood shingles but moisture lingers on the bottom. This humidity can cause rotting and warping. Adding a mesh covering on the underside of the wood shingles is one way to prevent this. This allows air to reach the underside of the wood shakes and wood shingles and dry off any moisture that may have remained after a storm.

Costs in La Porte of Different Types of Wood Roofing

There are many different species of wood roofing product on the market today. In addition to natural wood, there are composite and simulated wood shakes and wood shingles available to home and business building owners.

Among the diverse types of woods used are teak, wallaba, pine, redwood, driftwood, cypress, osage orange, white oak, yellow poplar, rock elm, black locust and honey locust. Because of the difficulty in sourcing some of these wood species (and the general unavailability of redwood), these can become rather pricey. The most popular types of wood roofing and their costs are listed in the chart below:

Average Cost Per Square (100 square feet)
Cedar shingles$500-1000
Cedar shakes$1000-1600
Wood composite$375-1050

Maintenance and Repair Considerations When Purchasing a Wood Roof

moss and debris on cedar roof and gable ridge

One of the few disadvantages of wood roofs is that they require more care than other forms of roofing. In general, wood shakes and shingles are more prone to moss and algae growth than other types of roofing. To resist this, they are frequently treated with preventative chemicals, but few treatments are likely to last as long as the roof. Moss deteriorates the wood and collects debris on the roof, therefore it must be removed on a regular basis by power washing or scraping and sweeping. Individual shakes are also prone to splitting, becoming misplaced, or falling off. It’s usually simple to swap them out.

Cedar roofs don’t usually need much in the way of repair. Their durability makes them quite tolerant of wind, ice and hail. Most repairs, when they do occur, are around roof flashing, protrusions such as chimneys and skylights, and valleys.


Do cedar shingles last?

You may expect your cedar shake roof to last 30 years if it is properly installed and maintained. You could get up to 50 years out of it if you invest in high-quality materials and live in the correct climate environment.

What’s beneath the cedar shingles?

Tar paper/felt underlayment: Felt materials, which are constructed from a foundation of natural materials like wood cellulose or synthetics like fiberglass and sprayed with a protective asphalt coating to repel moisture and debris, are a common underlayment alternative for cedar shingles.

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